Sunday, February 10, 2019

Virtual Tour of the North Building

Click the photo below to enjoy a virtual tour of the North Building.  It is now clean and looking pretty nice!
If you've been following along, you know this is the building we are going to sell.  In doing so, we hope to recoup much of the cost of purchasing the entire hotel property.  Please be praying for a buyer to come along!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Update 2/4/19

First of all, THANK YOU to all who came out to the hotel property last weekend to help clean at the North Building!  We had approximately 20+ people (including some students from other churches in town) and great progress was made in the effort to make the building as visually appealing as possible!  Check back later this week for a 3-D tour!

The core building team has finished reading through the book we mentioned a couple weeks ago, "Plan for It" by Tim Cool.  It has given us a common understanding and overview of the master plan process before us.  We were encouraged by how many points we've already been aware of and working on.  One impactful thought from the book was the idea that any facility a church uses is simply a tool for ministry.  Our job is to evaluate and propose a facility that can be an effective and efficient tool for who God has made New Hope to be.

As we consider how to prepare for upcoming steps, the core building team has determined that the next sub-committee we would be wise to form is a capital campaign team.  This team will be tasked with researching, planning, preparing, and carrying out the fundraising endeavor for the building project.  They will work closely with the core building team, elders, and church finance team. While a master plan for the property is yet to come together, there are many initial tasks that a capital campaign team could could begin to mobilize for.  We are prayerfully considering who could be a good fit for this team.  Do you have a recommendation for us?  Do you sense this is a way God is asking you to serve?  Please let us know by emailing

Thanks for praying:
  • Praise God for a sense of unity among the building team.  Pray that we would hear from God and discern together how he is leading.
  • For the sale of remaining hotel furniture as well as the North Building.
  • That God would guide the formation of the capital campaign team.
  • Ask the Lord how He would like to use your strengths, resources, and prayers through this project.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Update 1/28/19 and a Call for Cleaning Help

Have you driven by the hotel property and noticed the verse reference on the sign? 
 It is Isaiah 43:19.

Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert. 

Of course, this verse isn't about our property specifically.  It is a prophecy that was fulfilled in Jesus Christ's first coming.  However, in some similar ways, we pray that this overgrown hotel "wilderness" would be a place where we get to see God making things new, both in the physical space and in the hearts of people who are involved there.  

As we take steps towards a master plan for bringing new life to the property, it has seemed prudent to pursue the sale of the newer, northern most hotel building, sometimes referred to as the Regency Inn, but more commonly dubbed, "The North Building".  We purchased the entire hotel property at a price far below market value with the knowledge that there could be opportunity to parcel off "The North Building" and recoup a large chunk of our initial investment.  As the core building team has considered finances, explored how the property could be divided, and what the building could possibly sell for, we have determined to move forward with trying to sell it.  There has been a notable amount of interest, but we aren't able to fully market it until it is cleaned and prettied up a bit.
"The North Building"
So, that is where you have opportunity to help!  We are hosting another cleaning party and we need you!  Would you join us!?!  Please contact Eric at if you plan to be there.

Saturday, February 2
(come and go as needed)
at The North Building

This aerial photo is looking towards the West.  The "North building" is near the top right.

Thank you for praying for these things:
  • The gleaning team as they finalize some sales in the next week, and for wisdom as they determine what is worth selling on our own, and what to haul off for auction.
  • That God would bring a buyer for the North Building.
  • For how God might want to use your strengths, time, resources, and prayers to honor him through this project.  
  • Isaiah 43:19 for our church.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Update 1/21/19

Since its formation, the core building team has been meeting weekly to assess the property, get our minds around what this process might entail, and start taking baby steps towards presenting a master plan for the church.  It's been a great deal to consider, but we are making progress bit by bit!

We are reading a book titled "Plan 4 It" by Tim Cool.  Key points from the reading provide some structure in order to determine how to approach a master plan that will meet the needs of New Hope.  As we journey through this process, we are compiling feedback received from people in the church, putting together ministry descriptions, assessing current budgets, considering feasibility of the cost of different building possibilities, as well as looking at sustainability of whatever facility we end up with.  There are a lot of pieces to discuss!  If you'd like to gain a deeper appreciation of the process, we invite you to purchase and read the book with us!  

In a project of this magnitude, sub-committees are essential.  While other committees are yet to be listed and formed, one sub-committee is already hard at work.  The "gleaning team" has been working to take inventory of furniture, equipment, and construction materials at the hotel that could be of value, in order that they might be sold or donated.  Several businesses are coming to look at various things for purchase even this week!  Pawnee Mental Health has already picked up five bedrooms' worth of furniture to outfit their new homeless transition housing site.  We donated the furniture to them, and they were beyond thankful.  Upon learning of our heart to help people in poverty, they offered the possibility of starting some kind of partnership with our church in the near future.  This could lead to some great possibilities for our church and those who personally desire to help our town's homeless population.

Please be praying for:
  • Continued guidance and clarity for the core building team as they seek to work towards a master plan
  • Pawnee Mental Health's transitional housing facility, as well as possible opportunities to minister there
  • The gleaning team's work to sell and donate assets left behind
  • That God would continue to work in powerful ways to glorify Himself through this building project

Getting Caught Up

Before we move forward, updating on the process, it may serve us well to recap briefly how we got here.  Let's travel back to the beginning.  From the start, New Hope has been a body of Christ-followers who have had a high value for relationships as we explore the Gospel's implications.  This value has informed much of our church culture.  The early body of New Hope was never explicitly against having a church building, but for many years, church size and finances, among other things, made Sunday morning facility rental the best fit.  Much of church activity has functioned outside of a central building in the context of relational circles.  This has worked sufficiently, but in recent years, leaders have acknowledged more consistently the limitations we experience without a space of our own.

Over the past 15 years, our church has explored various options for obtaining our own space.  Leaders have looked at many properties, talked with other churches in town, and even purchased land at one point.  It was eventually the sale of that land which enabled New Hope to build the Greenhouse office and study center with out incurring any debt.  The Greenhouse allowed us to have our own office space as well as space for some church activity throughout the week.  But until this most recent hotel property came on the radar of church leadership, a worship facility of our own continued to seem out of reach for the body of New Hope.

In early/mid 2018, some people in our community started to wonder if God might be up to something as they were made aware of a foreclosed hotel property that had been sitting vacant for a long time.  Inquiries were made, prayers were prayed, and leaders brought the conversation to the larger church body.  The feedback from the people of New Hope included much excitement and optimism mixed with a healthy bit of trepidation and uncertainty.  A finance team was formed to prayerfully assess the church's ability to make an offer.  Following a time of prayer and evaluation, the team made a recommendation as to what we could offer.  It was far below the asking price.  With humble hearts and open hands, we submitted the offer, and to our was accepted!  God had worked as only He can.

We took ownership of the hotel in early Fall.  So, here we are, moving forward to steward the property God has given us.  He has shown Himself faithful to lead and provide, and we trust He will continue.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Welcome to the New Hope Building Updates blog!  This will be a centralized place for communication and updates from the core building team.  Please check back weekly to read about how things are coming.

God has done some powerful work to direct us to the hotel property.  He has provided beyond what we could have imagined to this point!  At times, the task before us can seem daunting and uncertain, but let us, together, continue to seek Him and trust Him.

Please be praying for:
  • Guidance and clarity for the core building team.
  • For unity among our church as we submit to God and hold our personal desires with open hands.
  • How God wants to use your strengths, passions, and resources for this project.

Virtual Tour of the North Building

Click the photo below to enjoy a virtual tour of the North Building.  It is now clean and looking pretty nice! If you've been following...